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Almost as much as I like to eat food, I like to think and talk food. So coming 2021 is this food thing I’m gonna do. Not alone, I need help. My very talented friend Mary DaRos is jumping in and getting a fabulous new website/publication/this union of food and other stuff designed and online!

We will introduce you to passionate people who are operating or perhaps starting up new businesses. Hell, I don’t want anyone to have to close down as I did. I’m here to help tell their stories.

We will have recipes; some just might be a blast from the past. Keep an eye on Instagram.   👀

I’m bringing in a few fantastic ingredients I have come to love and basically lust for at this point, cuz, I can’t find them anywhere. Also, because I get asked, I’m going to let you know some other stuff I have located or have settled for.  Hint — Natural Grocers has an organic mozzarella that is a beautiful melter. It looks like a basic grocery store cheese, but it comes from California and is the Rumanio brand that caught my attention. More details on that later. 

There’s more to this plan, but we’ll let it unfold. Watch this space (and Instagram) while we get things going. Honestly, the planning and creating of this project is extremely fun, and well… don’t we all need as much fun as we can find to finish out this year that’s known as 2020.

— LeeAnn