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This is FOOD UNION! Watch this space, because we are creating a virtual playground for those who love to do what we do, EAT and talk about eating. Don’t miss a beat, SIGN UP below ⬇️for our emails.

Also, visit, which is live!

Get ready to devour and binge on stories about stuff that doesn’t suck. Here at Food Union we will feature articles on FOOD-passionate, real people we know. Peeps we were lucky enough to have the honor of working with. They have bloomed and started their own ventures. Fly baby birds, fly.

We will deep dive into some of our favorite Food Union essentials and feature upcoming food trends. Watch for our Vegan Adviser’s opinions and comparisons on new plant-based ingredients. We will discover local foodies that are cooking for family and friends and have tips to share. And we always NEED to know everyone’s favorite FOOD UNIONS! Buckle up —things could get weird.

For now, join the CHEESE UNION! Boxes of marvelous stuff, mostly CHEESE. We also have an obsessive desire with local like minded, hard working businesses. Achieve a perfect pairing like craft beer, fantastic wines and more!

Hurry over to our live SUPERmarket. This is where we showcase sourced ingredients that may not be super in number, but are definitely SUPER in flavor. We have tried them, love them and so will you. And hey, keep an eye on INSTAGRAM 👀 for new products and off-the-cuff deals.

Our ideas are endless and you will want to keep up. Some of you may know me, but for those that don’t, hey there, I am LeeAnn Zubay. I’ve been obsessing over food unions for a helluva long time, most recently at ZZest Market, (RIP 😢). This is my latest venture and I’m ready for some FUn. Any questions, EMAIL me!